DataTarik is a collective of Malaysians writing data-driven analysis of Malaysian events and issues.

Malaysia's 14th General Election (GE14) took place on May 9, 2018. The results were a little unexpected, and completely unprecedented, as the coalition that had been in power since independence in 1957 lost control of the federal government.

Over the next few days, a group of Malaysians started collecting and analyzing election data. When we realized we were all trying to understand what happened in GE14 by "pulling" insights from data, DataTarik was born. On top of that, like all good Malaysians we all love teh tarik.

There has been plenty of insightful commentary offering explanations for the momentous GE14 results. Our goal is to contribute to the conversation by focusing on data, because we believe data tells the most truthful stories.

As we chart a course in this new Malaysia, good journalism will be necessary for raising the level of political discourse and public engagement. To help foster this, we will provide independent and data-driven analysis of issues and events concerning Malaysia.


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